Candlelight Christmas, Biltmore Estate

Sometimes in the face of a beautiful room of any kind, it is easy to get so involved in admiring it, taking note of how it was done and simply appreciating the spectacle of it all that “how this all happened” is removed from memory.   If you have ever been charged with decorating anything (your child’s homeroom or a room in your own home) you know the labor involved. Every time we enjoy another Candlelight Christmas memory the amount of team work, effort and just plain hard work is completely evident everywhere you look.

Biltmore Candlelight Christmas is a massive undertaking requiring teams of people from all departments in Biltmore from floral to engineering.  This effort is more than 3 weeks in duration.  Trees are moved into place and decorated, garlands draped, lights strung, ornaments displayed and housekeeping follows closely behind so that all this magic creating does not disrupt the cleanliness of the area guests are actively engaged in enjoying. So into preserving the very best of Christmas displays-Biltmore actually puts their main tree in twice.  This so that whether you enjoy Christmas at Biltmore early in the season or later, the experience will be as lovely. The effort, attention to detail and care is apparent wherever you look. 

Our B&B in Asheville is located only 3 miles from Biltmore Estate and we would love to host your visit while you enjoy Candlelight Christmas.  We are happy to help you plan your entire evening, obtain your timed entry and even help set up your dining pleasure.  Beginning November 3rd, it is a perfect way to relish the start of the holiday season immersed in holiday magic, twinkling lights, strolling carolers and the beloved holiday music we all enjoy.  We hope to see you in Asheville!

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