Halloween Haunts in Asheville

 Halloween engages nearly everyone’s imagination from the very young really not knowing what to expect to elders remembering either their own Halloween haunts in Asheville or the joys of watching their little ones experience trick or treat for the first time.

The actual trick or treat part, when I was a girl, was pretty much relegated to those 12 and under.  Older kids generally had parties or sought out some other thing to occupy their evening. It would seem now though that many adult sized teens, clearly not even in costume, use this holiday primarily as a source to  replenish their fading “goodie stores.”  Our Asheville Bed and Breakfast is one block from the main street in the historic section of Asheville and we are mobbed with children seeking treats.   They are all absolutely adorable and likely in tribute to the highly arty environment of Asheville- it is apparent the the surrounding art scene bleeds (if you will forgive the pun) through.  Trick or Treaters are are generally not in typical costume.  We have seen costumes called “Wall Street” -defined as black leotards with pink slips stapled to it and a tragedy face.
The Bucket List-She arrived at the door as a teenage fairy with beautiful, glittery wings and decorator bucket on her head with flyers from ziplining, Horseback Riding, Rome, Tuscany, skiing, food pictures, sky diving and more fun stuff to do before leaving this world. 

That said, if you weren’t invited to a party and are not charged with taking little ones about your neighborhood  and  you are less than interested in a night home handing out candy, are not faint of heart and seeking some scary Halloween Fun as only Asheville can dish it out-I’ve got the ticket for you.

About 15 minutes from Asheville, on gore soaked ground, a young bride perennially roams the night looking for her groom who will never come.  The Lively’s and the Tate’s had many moons of “bad blood” between the families but as young love goes, little Missy took quite a shine to Billy Joe Tate and the two had pledged their love and an elopement was planned and set-Only Billy Joe never showed.  It seems night after night Missy waited and some say the pain of this ongoing disappointment did things to her….Bad things.
Though this will likely more than get your Halloween Scare on- the Torture Chamber, the Maze and the Evil Circus (new in 2012) should send you completely over the edge.  Between The Woods, The Farm and The Haunted Hayride coupled with the 2012 additions mentioned earlier-Well, let’s just say in the approximately 50 minutes of this Self guided tour you will likely live out all your worst Halloween Fears and be prepared to say a prompt, if goulish goodbye to Halloween 2012. 

Happy Halloween Haunts in Asheville!

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