Asheville Rocks at Points of Light

 Everyone knows the drill about all the cool things you observe in your own town that you promise yourself you’ll look into the next time you pass that way.  Then, something comes up and that time never comes.  For a very long time my husband, Gary, wanted to see a store in our community housing geodes, rocks, crystals and more…So, on his birthday-we made it and I’m here to say Asheville rocks at Points of Lights.

This store is completely awesome.  From the Singing Bowl demonstration to the jewelry, spheres and shiva linghams- we were fascinated.  There are so many things to see we spent more than 2 hours there.  Books deciphering information about crystals, their formations, where they are customarily found, healing powers commonly associated with them and more.  There are also classes and educational opportunities offered through the store.

I hope some of them are in the winter time when we might go. After New Year’s Eve celebrators- the hard cold comes to Asheville.  With it, our guest population tapers off for a time, save some of my past guests specifically waiting for that time of year to book their lodging at our Western North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inn, purposely avoiding the crowds. Freed up, with a bit with more time on my hands than is customarily mine, I can think of no better way to spend it than learning more about the earth and all the geological influences that brought into being  the lovely, mysterious and supremely beautiful specimens at Points of Light.  It has captured my imagination and I believe it will capture yours too.

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