Asheville B&B Finds Flatrock Playhouse An Asheville Treasure

Art is everywhere in Asheville. Our Asheville B&B finds Flatrock Playhouse an Asheville treasure-an opinion universally shared by our guests At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn who will undoubtedly be inspired to attend
a very special production, Asheville based and inspired-Zelda, An American Love Story.  This play will take the stage on October 3-18 2012 and is a story steeped in all things Zelda.

F. Scott Fitzgerald cannot be conjured up in thought or print without the addition of his beloved Zelda.  Asheville, home to many authors and final resting place as well, spins many yarns about this duo-one due out this Spring by Bruce Johnson-Tales of the Grove Park Inn.  Even more salacious tellings are available regarding her hospitalization at Highland Hospital in the Montford area of Asheville (having the former name of Dr. Carroll’s Sanatorium) where Zelda was admitted and received treatment episodically over a 12 year period beginning in 1930.  Her relationship with her husband, fueled by alcohol, excessively consumed by both of them, created intensely personal displays that were provided for the public on a routine basis.

It is thought by many that more than a few of the writings of Zelda Fitzgerald  found their way into stories published by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Some borrowed in part and sometimes completely then to be published with the bylines of F. Scott Fitzgerald -Some of this with her consent and some of it without any consent at all.  Zelda, by all accounts, was a woman born ahead of her time and hence much of what she could have contributed was ignored.  An avid writer, reader, accomplished dancer and outspoken in a time in which women were expected to function as adornments only may have fed both her overuse of alcohol and subsequent mental health problems.

In the field of mental health care- the topics of addiction and mental health can be associated occurrences but even experts vary on which of these elements in those individuals affected by both diseases is the primary.

I’ll be going to see Zelda at Flatrock Theatre and hope to see you there. Sometimes, when the words “mental illness” and “alcoholism” come into usage the rest of a person is discounted and considered invalid.  Often, that is to miss the point entirely.
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