Asheville Olympic Cycling Star

 Asheville is a biking friendly city.  There are new biking paths underway every single year.  Asheville strives to develop more and more bicycle friendly paths seeking both fitness venues as well as a more green city and clean air fueled by legs pumping rather than gas pumping. Many of the guests that have stayed with us over the years at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast are ardent cyclists and dedicate no small amount of their vacation time to exploring the many trails Asheville offers from Biltmore Estate to the Point Lookout Trail near Asheville encompassing staggering beauty as it winds through Pisgah National Park.

All hearts in Asheville were with Lauren Tomayo, Asheville resident and cyclist extraordinaire as she, complete with olympic dreams firmly in tow headed to London to represent her country and earn a Silver Olympic medal medal.

She and Mike, her husband touched down at home in Asheville on Monday August 13 greeted by much of her family and all the proud hearts of Asheville beating out their unqualified pride and support.

Lauren Tomayo, you did yourself, your family, the United States of America and Asheville proud.   

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