Asheville Garden Weddings

 Another day in the garden here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn.  Wedding prep is in red alert because the wedding of Catie and Devin will be August 18 and our garden is the site of their nuptials.  The roses are in various stages of re-bloom, the phlox is gorgeous and thriving & the hydrangea is hanging low with blooms. Even the birds seem to know that something is in the works, hallmarked by greater frequency both in their appearances and also their calls.  A few weeds wanted to be present, also offering their happy support to the bridal couple, but they are not invited to the celebration this time.

We specialize in elopement weddings here and really love the intimacy involved in these affairs. When two people stand in our garden as just the two of them, alone together promising themselves to each other- it cannot be about the glitz, the pomp and circumstance…
Rather, it is about the love the couple share and their desire to commit that love and their lives to each other.  That is something special and rare-very apart from the oft described wedding bonanza. Each elopement can be startlingly different ceremonies,  reflecting the couple’s unique personality.  Some, just like the couples themselves, are characterized as quiet, simple, rare. Sometimes, they are completely spontaneous, very funny, inspiringly impromptu and riotously fun.

Sometimes, they are larger ceremonies involving “the most special, long dreamed about, beautiful dress in the whole, wide world, family in tow, meaningful, specially ordered flowers, special everything  and a large grouping has gathered to usher this couple into their marriage.

Alternatively, in the quiet of our garden, dressed up or dressed more casually- One can spot two lone figures facing each other.   Fearlessly and faithfully they repeat vows offering the best and also the most challenging aspects of themselves to another for as long as they both shall live. It is perhaps the biggest act of faith either have ever undertaken.  It is a reason to celebrate!

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