Perfect Take Home Gift from your Asheville Getaway

Very often our guests will express interest in taking home a gift for those that “kept the home fires burning” enabling them to make their trip to Asheville.  Asheville is a ‘homemade mecca” and all of us who live here, are blessed by easy access to the locally food grown, home made artisan bread, freshly made goat cheese and so much more we’d have more than a few suggestions for perfect take home gift from your Asheville Getaway.

Why go home with a tee-shirt…though we have some very cool ones available here when you can easily come up with truly needed, inspired gifts for those watching the kids, your dogs, cats, plants or home?

Here are just a few suggestions that I often take as hostess gifts when Gary and I are invited to a party and would serve as perfect take home gift.

1.  Three Graces Goat Cheese:  available at the UNCA Tail Gate Market on Saturday Morning or on Wednesday at the Tail Gate Market at our Chamber of Commerce.  It is completely awesome. So fresh, so delicate and delicious.  Please try Juniper.  Unusual and wonderful.

2.  Artisan Bread: Snagged some Wake Robin Farm Bread on my last sojourn to the market and it was crusty outside, soft inside and delectable.

3.  Lusty Monk Mustard:  Kelly Davis is the mustard maker extraordinaire and I assure you her mixology takes mustard to an entirely new level than you have previously experienced.
Back story to the cool name of this mustard stems from Davis’s interest in historical data uncovering an order of celibate monks in the Middle Ages and their penchant for indulging in this condiment (completely on the Q.T). as it was forbidden due to the belief that it was some form of sexual stimulant.

4. Lovely and locally grown produce:  Whether swiss chard, unusual lettuce, fine summer time squash and so much more-If it’s in season…You can find it here.  Most of the visitors to our Asheville Bed and Breakfast are regional and with the aid of a refrigeration bag they take all of these items home for both gifts and personal use.

If none of the above will work…Well, there’s honey, fresh eggs, homemade pasta, flowers, meat and more.  Believe me, if you go home with any of this stuff….folks will be standing in line volunteering to watch Fido.  You’ll see.     

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