Waterfalls, The Best of Western North Carolina

1.  If the Hunger Games piqued your interest in the completely breathtakingly beautiful geography of our region, you aren’t alone.  Most of the guests seeking Asheville accommodations share your feelings. All would agree the Waterfalls, the best of Western North Carolina have a worthy contestant in Dupont Forest where for the intrepid walker-hiker Hooker Falls, Triple Falls and the breath taking High Falls are on display.

2.  I am often asked if there are waterfalls available as a drive by.  Sometimes the spirit is willing but the body is not and for one reason or another-disability, age, poor vision and a host of others I am delighted to be able to put this kind of “drive by” location on our list.  Looking Glass Falls offers a 60 foot drop of water cascading to its bottom in the Pisgah National Forest.  One of my favorite guest remembrances is a woman whose vision was seriously compromised.  She said she’d heard of a waterfall you could drive to.  She began to relate her problems in trekking the woods and that for her, this was perilous due to her poor vision.  She was delighted to be given directions to this special place so she could “hear” the waterfalls. She was wowed upon her return to the inn by what she heard!

3.  For all you shutterbugs out there…You have much company.  My illustrious husband is an avid photographer.  Periodically, when our duties at the inn offer up a free day we, like many others head to one of the most photographed waterfalls in North Carolina doubly enjoyed as the journey to arrive there takes us on our beloved Blue Ridge Parkway to Linville Falls. 

4. Our number 2 waterfalls offers the “drive by” so for those of you seeking “up close and personal” we seek to please.  Near Highlands, NC for the brave you can actually walk behind a cascade of 75 feet of spilling water to experience the real live power of water as it courses down at Dry Falls.  It is a similar if not as powerful experience as the power of water noted at Niagra Falls.  From the soft, cool mist on your face to the powerful roaring in your ears, it is guaranteed to keep Carolina on your mind for a long time to come.

5.  I will end the first 5 in a place I have an awesome memory in the hopes you’ll create one of your own. If you have grand kids or if somewhere, in another landscape, you remember yourself as a kid before the responsibilities of being a grown up put severe restrictions on your travel options….Go to Sliding Rock!  The water is cold, the rocks, all slippery, the fun all real and true.  Totally as true as the anxious pit in your stomach experienced when you first cast off the rock and feel your body gain gravity in descent only to be rescued a the last second by a plunge into the waiting reservoir.  It cannot be beat for an adrenalin rush.  Well, wait a minute…there was that day at Skinny dip Falls and the “jumping off the rock with a woman I’d just met” but…that’s a story for another day.

I have five more of these natural wonders to report on.  Check out the next few blogs and Happy, Happy Summertime! Be safe and have all the fun you can. 


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