Asheville Bed and Breakfast

If your travel plans are bringing you to Asheville I would like to consider choosing an Asheville Bed and Breakfast for your lodging needs.
If I had a nickel…Ok, times are inflationary-so let’s say a dime- for every instance in which a “new to B&B’s experience guest” currently staying with us said this was their first bed and breakfast experience ever while resoundingly proclaiming it would not be their last I would have a robust amount of money.

At my last reading on this subject in industry publications I believe that under 1/5 of the traveling public actually give any thought to choosing a bed and breakfast for their accommodation needs while traveling.
This is amazing to me.  There are likely 25,000 inns and B&B’s in the U.S. and Canada and so it would not appear that lack of opportunity is the causal factor.

So, in the interest of changing your mindset, BetterWayToStay has come up with even more reasons why your choice of a bed and breakfast could change the whole experience of your vacation from another hum-drum travel fraught with irritation at getting lost everywhere you go to a stay so great you will never forget it.

Bed and Breakfasts are not Cookie Cutter:  None are alike so if you are a trendsetter seeking unique experiences and not a square box you will be in nirvana.  Each inn is decorated as individually as you decorate your own home…because you see, they ARE our homes.

Breakfast: Yogurt is a fantastic thing as is your favorite bowl of cereal cereal…. but folks they call it vacation because it is supposed to be special.  Your bed and breakfast experience will deliver that “special” in spades.  Value-value-and more value.  Coffee and afternoon treats- On the house.  Breakfast is nothing short of an event.  I invite you to read the reviews written on our breakfast venue here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn and you’ll know there was no cold cereal served here.  How does Eggs Benedict sound to start your day served on lovely china, with some fresh squeezed juice and some crispy bacon????

Bed and Breakfasts are Internet operations most of us seeking a strong Internet presence and knowing it is fundamental to our business success so most assume you may need to be online too.  For this reason, in 96-98% of inns, this is a free service for guests.  Further, many times, it’s as simple as a WEP key and you are “wireless”.  Now, who wouldn’t rather work in a garden or on a shady front porch?  Can I have a show of hands?

Check us out. I guarantee, you’re gonna like what you see.  

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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