Spring Decorating Ideas II, Asheville Bed and Breakfast

In my last blog I discussed some minor additions that can create a WOW factor in decorating your home.  In Spring Decorating Ideas II, Asheville Bed and Breakfast pulls out all the stops to help you get just the look you are hoping for as we usher in our much waited for Spring season.

1.  Our Asheville Bed and Breakfast is a historic property located in the Montford historic district.  Asheville’s Historic Society takes very seriously the charge of “keeping it real” and as it was in the period of time our homes were built down to even the color of paint chosen for the exterior of our homes.
That said, all of us can kick it up a notch in doing one very small and economic thing.  Our front doors are vital.  As the eyes are the window to the soul-Front doors matter.  It is integral in that friends and family alike enter our homes through the front door in most homes.
Use that opening effectively.  Don’t be so sedate.  Pick an interesting color-Red-Pumpkin-Anything collaborative but fun.   It shines and practically screams-“Welcome.”  It is said that people will forget many things but not how you made them feel.  To feel welcome and wanted is the highest compliment we can offer those entering our homes.  A lot of payback for a simple door color.

2.  My mother had a fixation with lampshades believing that when a great lamp and shade work in tandem that they can and often do become more than the sum of their parts.  They soar!  That was driven home to me recently at a consignment store.  Someone had consigned a lamp shade that was home made & had been stellar.k  It appeared to have had a bad encounter with a light bulb likely a bit too close and a small aspect of the very delicate fabric had melted in one spot.  I frequent this consignment shop and I noticed that it had not sold as soon as I entered the housewares area.  I saw another woman staring at it and I knew she was contemplating the same thing I had when I’d first seen it.  “How can I fix this small hole?”  The shade was enchanting.  Make your lighting special, invest in a great shade that can turn a functional, but alas a bit boring lamp into something so much more.   

Patti and Gary Wiles,  Innkeepers 

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