Hunger Games, Author Suzanne Collins

Gaining insight into most things require starting at the beginning as it is only from there an entire understanding can be found.  Hunger Games, Author Suzanne Collins.  Involved in children’s television since 1991 another author of children’s books, James Proimos became a friend encouraging her own entrance into writing books geared for children.

One day, as her thoughts turned to Alice and Wonderland and the beautiful description of the landscapes and surrounds described in this book- it drove home thoughts of how completely foreign that type of environment would seem to a city kid who would be far more familiar with man holes than rabbit holes. Further, if one fell down that man hole…the last thing they would likely encounter was a tea party.  Thus began, from 2003-2007, her 5 book Underland Chronicles with the first of the series-Gregor the Overlander.

Collin’s journey into children’s literature begun the first of the Hunger Games Trilogy which was released in 2008.  Muses came in many forms to Suzanne.  Her father had been in the Air Force and as result, she had a better understanding of poverty, the effects of war and starvation.  Secondarily, the Greek mythological story of Theseus and Minotaur and the selection by lottery of seven youths and seven maidens who were sent to be devoured by the Minotaur in sacrifice.  These influences proved powerful and were received with resounding popularity.  Since it’s initial release in 2008, it has been translated in 26 languages and can be found in 38 countries all revolving around the book’s heroine, Katniss Everdeen.

Stay tuned as we plumb the depths the Hunger Games.    

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