Sweet Treats Donated by Tupelo Honey Cafe appreciated by our Asheville Bed and Breakfastak

We share something important & sacred with many of our guests here At Cumberland Falls North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inn; we served in the United States Armed Forces.  As such, sweet treats donated by Tupelo Honey Cafe so appreciated by our Asheville Bed and Breakfast.

One of the many joys of living in Asheville and in fact a big consideration in our choosing this location is its well deserved reputation for being a community with a big heart.
Tupelo Honey Cafe is reflecting that big heart with their decision help bring “Operation Tupelo Pies” to fruition.  Ask any service member, male or female, serving in any location what is the most important time of the day and they will respond in unison with “mail call.”  Each of them, regardless of duty station are always glad for anything from home.

A pie coming in the  mail…Now, that is golden.  Tupelo honey will send out all these pies, fresh from the oven, packed in ice so they arrive perfect.  After that, they would love community involvement and are encouraging Asheville area residents to buy a pie for a soldier too.  So, if you really want to support the troops- Make it tangible- …make ’em smile with a pie which can be ordered at this link http://shop.tupelohoneycafe.com/

Valentine’s Day, as well as all holidays spent a long way from home and loved ones, can be a sad day.  In truth, a cup of coffee and a piece of pie will not fix the world but it is an easy way to let someone far away know they are in thought, appreciated and absolutely not forgotten.

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