Asheville Tail Gates Markets Weave a New Tale

We love so much about Asheville NC- not the least of which is the presence of tail gate markets.  Soon though, Asheville Tail Gate Markets Weave a new tale.  A Tale of  PROLIFERATION.  Asheville City Council took up a measure and the city will make more room for tail gate markets inspired by the idea of being able to offer low income residents the opportunity to gain greater opportunity to purchase healthy foods.  They voted unanimously to allow these markets at schools in residential areas & churches as well.  The hours they can operate are between 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and they are not to be present during the regular operational hours of these host locations so that the traffic to access them worsens that occasionally found on narrowed streets worsened by cars being able to park on both sides.

These tail gate markets are universally popular with most visitors to our Asheville Lodging, especially regional travelers as they do not face the obstacles of getting the goods they purchased home that our fly-in’s do.  Our guests truly enjoy finding local honey, mustard, moonshine, veggies and more and often choose these as gifts to return home with  and present to loved ones.This link  Mountain Tail Gate Market Association provides a really comprehensive list and armed with it, you can bring a piece of Western North Carolina home keepin Carolina always on your mind.  Come stay with us At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn, it’s like a breath of fresh air!   

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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