Asheville North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Watched BB King Sing The Blues

 B B King once said, “I think the clock is ticking, yes. In fact, I know it is. Frank Sinatra sang about the September of (his) years. I think I’m in the November of my years.”  Our Asheville North Carolina Bed and Breakfast watched BB King sing the blues several years back when our blues loving friends blew into  town.  From the moment he took to the stage, it was apparent that BB King may be “November” in his years but his sound is as tuned and soulful as ever.

If you want to hear the blues as never before, allow us to invite you to Asheville’s Thomas Wolfe’s Auditorium and watch the appointed king of the blues hold court with audiences as he has done for decades. 
BB King is the Blues in America and we’d love to invite you to take advantage of this national treasure.  We are within walking distance of the auditorium and would love to provide your Asheville accommodations for this special event.  Save the date: January 14, Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and get ready for crying time again as BB King weaves his soulful magic cords around your heart. 

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