Asheville Bed and Breakfasts and the reality of the Hidden Bargain

Innkeeping, as all who do it know, is a labor of love.  It is also reasonably restrictive and unless in the care of an able innsitter,  innkeepers are sometimes unable to really travel just for fun and so having done a short trip recently, I would now like to present to you Asheville Bed and Breakfasts and the reality of the Hidden Bargain.

I mentioned we took a trip.  Ok, so we only went to Savannah and it was for a day and a half.  That said, we couldn’t sleep in our car so the procurement of some form of accommodations was necessary.  We are curious just like all travelers are curious prompting investigation of hotel offerings in Savannah.  Our mission was to compare cost vs. value.  We have owed At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn for nearly 13 years now and in that time and even before then,  the very obvious benefits to travel consumers that bed and breakfasts offered were obvious.

1.  Breakfast is Free.  It is not only part of your experience but it is served in complete beauty.  Whether you find yourself searching for elegance or casual- Your breakfast in a hotel and the experience in dining you will be treated to in a bed and breakfast are a world apart.  The visual feast of your table setting will not fail to delight you, I promise, nor will the food you are served fail to make you wish you had chosen this option much earlier.   It will be freshly prepared, with carefully chosen ingredients and designed to please.

2.  You will not find extra charges on your bill at Check-Out to cover a valet that you did not ask for nor require simply because the hotel property does not have adequate parking so they must hire folks to drive your car to another location (not accessible to you now- save having the valet re-deliver it-so for God’s sake don’t forget a shoe, your deodorant or your favorite book) to park it.  Our Asheville North Carolina Bed and Breakfast offers the additional security of off street parking at no charge.  Further, if you forget your book….this does not require anyone, save yourself, to go and retrieve it.

3. Concierge is not something that you must procure when it is available and the Concierge has been scheduled then.  Your innkeeper will either be “in house” ready, willing and able to provide both suggestions as well as directions to a venue that suits you to a T or they will be available by phone to you to achieve the same end.
 Further, they live in the town and often have access to folks who can make the impossible happen easily.

4.  Smaller venues like bed and breakfasts do not make their money (even the largest of them) on the masses.  They stake their reputation on the line and make their mark in a very different market model than hotels.  They earn each and every guest they get and because they are genuinely dedicated to the most positive guest experience they spare no effort to see that the total guest experience from the room to the exploration of the town is positive.  In medical terms, they called this approach “holistic” and it is also in business terms very smart.  Advertising is not only costly, it is often difficult to appropriately target & results can be vague and is subject to many factors.  It is a far better expenditure of your time and money to put all the resources at your command dedicated to guest retention.  They have chosen your property among many other options available to them…. All you have to do is create an experience that keeps them there.

5.  Cleanliness:  It would seem logical that attention to detail could be enhanced to a higher degree in a smaller, less trafficed arena than in a larger one.  Simple traffic creates more difficult cleaning patterns in hotels than exists in bed  & breakfasts.  Further, because they are smaller concerns, many with very high standards in fierce competition with all others in their area…they want to put forth their very best foot.  All of these B&B properties, even the largest of them,  have far fewer rooms and hence guest interaction opportunities to create a favorable impression. Hotels who routinely have 100’s of rooms, a large majority of which are booked nightly, used roughly and worn in much heavier traffic patterns in a month than bed and breakfasts would experience in a year. 

These are only 5 reasons and I will include others in our next Blog.

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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