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I am reticent to divulge that on the rare occasions we actually leave Asheville and go to another town we sometimes forget what it means to be a tourist.  I believe this stems from being so very familiar with things to do in Asheville NC from your Asheville Bed and Breakfast, 3 that being “not in the know” is now an entirely foreign experience.  It is in this vein that I submit the following blog which is going to give you the SKINNY on the Tour Kind of experience in Asheville …Always good because if you don’t even have a clue about what any city has going on …..It  becomes more difficult to even begin to figure out what you would like to spend your time there doing.  Hopefully, this blog help you put your most informed foot forward.

On the last day of our Savannah trip some years back we finally hatched the grand idea to board their Historic Trolley.  Clearly, this would have been a much better idea on Day One.  Maybe it would be for you too so I will begin there.

Gray Line Trolley  Our friend Bruce Casperson  is affiliated with this tour company and we think they do a wonderful job not to mention that red is one of my very favorite colors.  A trip on this fine trolley will provide all the information you need to decide where you will best spend your time in Asheville.

Ghost Tours:  Every really fun town has its fair share of specters, ghosts and more.  If you want a really fun way to explore Asheville’s take this tour.

Asheville Walking Food Tours:  Many of our guests love good cuisine and in fact Asheville is gaining significant notoriety as a creative cuisine location as well as spawning more than a bit of interest in the whole “slow food” “farm to table” idea.  In the news, as more than an occasional happenstance, every kind of food borne illness the most recent being the cantaloupe issue ….Preceding that the tomato, sprouts issue, headlining nightly has made…Knowing where your food comes from is now more than a convenience.  It is an idea that is gaining a foothold by more than “Asheville types” as a safety measure.  These tours are a great way to learn our very walkable and contained downtown/Biltmore Village and also explore types of cuisine experiences Asheville has to offer. This tour was hatched by Chris Ortwein who was previously in the Asheville Bed and Breakfast business
There is another of these tours recently launched called Eating Asheville Walking Food Tours as well.

History At Hand Tour:  If you really want the “real deal” and origins of any city.  How did it start? History, movers and shakers and all the deal breakers….This tour is for you.

I will end this Blog with that old but very wise adage as true today as it was when the film of this same name was released in 1949, ” Always Leave Them Laughing.”

La-Zoom Comedy Tours: This tour company provides everything from Haunted Tours to Holiday Tours and everything in between.  They approach their jobs with vigor, hilarity and want to show you a good time.

So book a Tour to begin your knowledge and enjoyment of the city our Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn loves so well and we’d love to help show you Asheville by hosting your stay with us here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn.


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