Unexpected Joys!

 Innkeeping ideally looks the a flawless, seamless, study in ease by which each guest is received, oriented to your inn, shown to their room, offered all the pleasantries and amenities of the house and a good time is hard to miss.  Our bed and breakfast is often the scene of unexpected joys in that in this world, where sometimes  it seems there little hope is to be found for the behaviors of humankind, I can find myself surrounded by that hope.

It demonstrates itself in variant ways-  A grouping of friends that could have sat only with each other note another guest would be left sitting at the table with no other guest having come down yet- so chooses instead to sit at the main table.  An elderly guest, experiencing a challenging arthritis day, finds unexpected assistance in the form of a hand extended by another guest, who only moments ago was a stranger.  Something wonderful can and does happen when sitting down for a moment of camaraderie and dining with others.  Conversations take their unexpected journey around the table, gleanings of the lives of those seated are pearls offered up for the observant, more solidarity found than anticipated, more commonality than differences.  Patience, kindness, concern, solace, friendship and  take their turns in the sharing at our dining table as lives enfold to become more than themselves in the joining of the family of man.  

Patti and Gary Wiles,  Innkeepers 

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