LaZoom-Creative fun from your Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn

Guests are always so complimentary regarding the sheer number and variety of things to do in our Asheville hamlet and LaZoom-Creative Fun from your Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn is always a crowd favorite.

There are several tours this company provides:  City Tour, Halloween Tour, Art Tour and Happy Holidays Tour.  As we are broaching first on the second most celebrated of holidays…Yes, you guessed it….Halloween I  will start there to tell you that running Tuesday-Saturday-If You Dare Tour is in session.  For $20.00 per ticket it may prove more fright than you can possibly bear.  Once you step on board with Ghoulish Gary anything can happen and usually does…Further,  they guarantee at least one “ghost sighting.” Not really a kid friendly tour.     

The City Tour is really more of a “show on wheels” supplying the kind of insider information not available anywhere else provided you can stop laughing long enough to hear it. 

LaZoom Art Tour:  If Asheville takes anything seriously….it would be the arts.  Though you are stepping on the “big purple bus” rest assured, led by a local folk art guide,  you will be escorted through the finest art districts of Asheville from downtown to West Asheville and our River Arts District.

Holiday Tour:  Running only in November and December and elevating the term “holiday” to another level entirely.  So, if Tom Turkey is appearing a bit hum-drum and another Christmas Carol may be more than you can take…On this bus…You can meet a real fruitcake, see Frosty as never before and through the performance art of the talented troupe on this bus enjoy some holiday side splitting laughter.  So, if you know someone who generally has a bit of the bah humbug blues at holiday time-LaZoom can’t be beat!

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