Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast Trekkers and the Balsam Trail near Mount Mitchell

 In the full and certain knowledge that October is going to be a very busy time, your intrepid Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast Trekkers and the Balsam Trail near Mount Mitchell became a bit better acquainted lest the whole Season of Color come and go and we didn’t actually get out and experience it real time. There is a peace to be had in the forest that helps you mirror that in yourself.  Greens unlike any usually encountered & light phenomena that make majesty out of the ordinary.  

Mount Mitchell‘s claim to fame- the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains as its summit reaches 6,684 feet and is located amid a 1,855 acre national park.  Many hiking trails are present in the area including to Mount Craig, the second highest peak in the Eastern U.S. 

The first thing I noticed when we exited the car was the overwhelming and welcomed pine scent that was abundant in the air.  It was intense and awesome though only October…..Christmas became more real for me at that very moment.  The Balsam Trail was completely awesome and though marked and “easy” trail I would also state that for folks that are “vertically challenged” there are a lot of rocks requiring surmounting up and then down.  We hike routinely and my legs have been sore for two days.  I would do it all again even if exercise did not prove sufficient motivation for the lovely smell of pines wafting on the breezes and the perfect views of all the glory God has made.  At this challenging time in our country,  it is truly the breath of fresh air that can benefit us all

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