Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn Awaits The March of the Living Dead-AKA Zombies

When I say the words, “Asheville has a creative edge” believe what I tell you our Inn Awaits The March of the Living Dead-AKA Zombies.  Imagine yourselves as a visitor in a small southern city, Asheville of course, (Where else?)  having just planned on a nice fall stroll about the quirky, fun downtown having just enjoyed a beer or an amazing supper.  You and your companion spot in the street immediately before you a being, sounding and looking very much like a Zombie.
I know you have heard that old adage, “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck …It is probably a Duck…”
In this case…it was a Zombie; many of them in fact.  I wish you could have heard our guests’ delight.  Some of them so frantic at this sighting they called us immediately. Many others raced, their cell phone pictures in hand, straight back to the inn to show us in person toting their phone pictures as they likely thought we would not believe unless we saw.   We would have believed…We’ve lived here long enough to absorb the complete unpredictability and spontaneous fun of this town by now.

In fact, should you have a penchant for the macabre, the organizers of this event would love your help and you can contact them at  If you are a gifted make up artist or feel the calling to make zombie-esque moans, groans and halting movements while sporting that “torn to shreds” designer look ….Please, don’t hesitate a moment because they VANT you now!

I am sort of sorry that due to permits, security and crowd concerns and the like it has been moved from the downtown area but delighted it will at least be somewhere.
Be at Biltmore Square Mall on October 22-2011 to see the residents of Asheville “putting on the Halloween” as you have likely never seen it before.

We just love this place!

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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