Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast Engage in Rainy Day Movie Trip-The Help

Rarely, in these cinema days of no content, no characterization but high tech crash scenes, special effects that boggle the mind and 3-D mayhem does our Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast engage in Rainy Day Movie trip.  The Help was a notable exception!

Set in the south (though save the specifics of this back story, unfortunately not relegated to south of the Mason-Dixon line- as their Pullman Porter counterparts could relate in detail), the story contained in this film will keep you riveted to your seats.

Those not having lived through any part of this time period may gain a more visceral and complete understanding of the tumultuous racial times experienced by persons of color.  Go see The Help.  Witness up close and personal our very highest angels and the kindness they enable in us as well as the heinous and unspeakable cruelty the duality of our natures allow.

No artsy backdrops, no 3-D, no special effects…Just a poignant story of real live people, often in untenable circumstances in search of a way to live their lives in triumph, respect and equality.  

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