Asheville Bed and Breakfast tries Jack of Hearts

 In Asheville proper and in the immediate outlying areas lie an amazing assortment of restaurant choices. There are offerings of Nepalese, Indian, Thai, Bar B Q, Italian, Mexican, good ole American and more.

Always feeling American and having not seen our Weaverville friends in too long a time, we try Jack of Hearts.  No one having come to Asheville has not heard of Jack Of The Wood.  They are a smoke free pub coupling both fine tunes and fine food… in that it is yummy. Great craft beer can be enjoyed there as well.  The same gentleman, Joe Eckert has brought his magic to Weaverville so off we went to meet our friends in Weaverville at yes, you guessed it, Jack of Hearts.

Housed in what was once the old fire house on Main Street in Weaverville, it was Jack of Hearts that set the stage for our reunion with well loved, old friends.  Well, heck, we’re all old— but that is a tale for another day. 

Easy to find making a right on Main Street and immediately located on the left, its cool,  fun interior and outside seating will all contribute to this becoming “the place” in Weaverville.  Further, while owning a restaurant is many an entrepreneurs dream, it is not an easy undertaking and experience is priceless.

Well, with Laughing Seed, City Bakery and Jack of the Wood all on his resume, one can feel “in good hands” with Mr. Eckert.  Food was fun, creative, served hot- complete with good service and most importantly was very  good.

So, if you are in the mood to get out a bit and enjoy a fun, new, not your usual grind dining experience… Try them out.  Bring good friends and meet up at Weaverville’s old fire house now Weaverville’s newest and coolest restaurant: Jack of Hearts.   

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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