Asheville Bed and Breakfast ….Out to Lunch

Every once in a while it becomes impossible to work through lunch again.  So, break out time right now….Asheville Bed and Breakfast….Out to Lunch.

For the last several months some of our “ever inquisitive guests” have found their way about town for lunch.  I kept hearing positive comments about a downtown eatery which we had frequented in the past but as we customarily work through lunch had not returned to in a bit of time. Fiore’s!

We decided upon leaving the inn in search of lunch that joy delayed need not be joy denied.  Off we went with my sister in tow (her reward for her able assistance with weekend wedding.)

Fiore’s was just as excellent as I had remembered it to be this past winter and their French Onion soup was so good that it defied all the logic I ignored to order soup in nearly 90 degree weather.  It is simply succulent and that is for sure.  Beefy stock, not too salty and topped with a bread crust layered in mozzarella cheese.  Exemplary is not too strong a word.

The spinach-cheese ravioli and the fried calamari is equally charming.  If you have worked through one too many lunches….you could have a delightful time with your budget fully intact which in these especially tight times is never a bad thing.   

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