Asheville Bed and Breakfast-Birds of a Feather Flock to the Driveway

It is said sometimes that Murphy’s Law is always alive, well and at play in our lives.  I cannot speak to whether that is true for everyone but the law reared its ugly head at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast-Birds of a Feather Flock to the Driveway just as our wedding party arrived. 

I am not well versed regarding subjects of an avian nature so as I was putting the “finishing touches” on our garden immediately before Check In I was both startled and alarmed to see a fledgling Blue Jayish looking bird flailing about in our driveway.  More so, when I noticed Baby # 2 and noted the neatly constructed nest on the ground near our rock wall lining the driveway.  To be clear, these were baby birds that showed only certain markings of being Blue Jays but they were so young that only parts of the striking and identifying blue feathers were present.

I run to the phone inside and call our Western North Carolina Wildlife Center.  They were awesome!  Keith gave me some pertinent information regarding baby blue jays.  They are often “not flight ready” when they are first out of the nest.  Instruction, feeding, and care continue by its parents who are often nearby until they are schooled both to fly, eat and generally survive. They communicate with their babies by sound and the babies calling back help them to be located and tended to.   My removing them from the driveway (where certain death awaited them as they would not be able to be seen even by caring guests in the dark) was OK and would not deter the parents from continuing their care.  I had always been told that once birds of a nest were touched the bird would be abandoned. Not so, said my learned source from the Wildlife Center.  Olfactory senses are not acute in birds and this will not cause parental abandonment.

Finale: Armed with much needed information my sister and myself relocated these fledglings to our back property out of the driveway carrying them very slowly and clearly all the while hoping that the parents clearly nearby as denoted by the strident continuing bird calls all about the area.  Laying them gently down we left them on a sheaf of ivy and bird calls from above along with fervent wishes for Birds of a Feather to Flock together as it always should have been before their brief foray into my driveway. 

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