I Scream-You Scream-We all Scream for Ice Cream & Asheville’s is Inspired.

The city has been a bit toasty of late as again we are again expecting near 90’s before this weekend is over.  Summertime calls to mind that vintage melody I Scream-You Scream-We all Scream for Ice Cream ; Asheville’s is Inspired.  When it comes to the subject of ice cream, Asheville exhibits the same character traits as it does in the inspired, creative cuisine it is rapidly becoming known for.  It is the personal mission of the innkeepers of our inn to make sure you know what’s out there in local Ice Cream Land so here goes:

The Hop:  A long time Asheville favorite in August celebrating it’s 33rd birthday. They will help you in the struggle to get more veggies into the body of your little ones showcasing such favorites as Spinach ice cream with raspberry swirl.  Ok, spinach won’t cut it?….No worries as there is also Sweet-beet ice cream.  Greg, one of this store’s owners, is of the belief you would not even know the spinach was in the ice cream save for him telling you.  Of course, they also sell the regulars like say my particular favorite, Mocha Oreo.   As the berry season moves in later in the summer, there will also be blueberry, mulberry and blackberry. Two locations:  721 Haywood Road in W. Asheville and Merrimon Avenue St. 103 in North Asheville.  More info can be located on their website:  www.thehopicecreamcafe.com

Ultimate Ice Cream Company:  Kiosk (62 1/8 N. Lexington Avenue) coming soon to an alleyway right next to our beloved and delicious Bouchon Restaurant, an Asheville favorite dining spot providing comfort food with a French flair.
Just a few of their frozen confection offerings:  maple-bacon  ice cream (not kidding), toasted pine nut& black pepper, cherry- goat- cheese  and goat-cheese fig.  Also, for the more delicate in constitution and less trendy, the usual suspects customarily found at an ice cream store near you. More information: 2 locations.  1070 Tunnel Road and 197 Charlotte St.  

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