Home is where the Heart Is and this Asheville Budget Option is Awesome

Home is is where the Heart is and this Asheville Budget Option is Awesome.  Though one’s abode is focal to the center of most people’s lives, Asheville is suffering the same plight that is affecting many others cities in our nation and that is a lack of affordable housing. There is a very cool company, Compact Cottage Company,  in our midst that is seeking to provide green, unique, space contained housing at more affordable pricing.  While this would not work in bed and breakfast-land, we have hired enough folks in Asheville to know that locating lodging in this area is sometimes daunting,very expensive and hard to find. 

From 120-640 square feet and that large one is deemed (growable)- these cottages supply not only space but a vast array of choices as to how to apply that space.  It can have electricity, or not, plumbing or not.  Due to its more restricted sizing and the footprint of the house being small, so is the environmental impact of these structures allowing for minimal land disturbance coupled with the likelihood of less tree removal.  Further, they are built as green as can be from the recycled wood siding pre-treated against both termites and fungus in the most non toxic way complete with a 50 year guarantee. Flooring is either “green” carpet or bamboo which is renewable.
Sherwin Williams paint is used is odorless, no VOC paints. They have way better than average coverage usually ensuring that one coat is all you need.
Roofing can be metal or any other choice but the metal has a lot going for it.  It’s long life, water collections attributes and attractive, eclectic look make this cost contained choice an attractive one.

Patti and Gary Wiles,  Innkeepers 

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    • I did as well. Not everyone needs or even wants a huge space to maintain. As an architect friend of mine once said, “You can only occupy the space you are in.”

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