Asheville’s Awesome Moog Fest-SAVE THE DATE

Readers of my last blog entry at least know the origins of this  “wild word” Moog.  In honor of the contribution to the music industry which was revolutionized, changing the entire world of music with his inventions of synthesizers, Asheville will continue to party hardy on October 28-29 and 30, 2011 as it launches the 2nd Moogfest in tribute to Bob Moog’s legacy.

Last year’s inaugural Moogfest 2010 found 24,000 people in attendance listening to some of the most extraordinary music of their lives.  As one young woman put it though she had not heard of some of the acts contracted for the event, before nights end- they had become her favorite group. There will be locations throughout downtown Asheville (Asheville Civic Center, The Orange Peel Social and Pleasure Club and others) and true to the persistent personality of the inventor this fest celebrates, some of the acts contacted, but unable- due to scheduling conflicts- to attend Moogfest 2010 will be there will bells on for Moogfest 2011. Tangerine Dream had to opt out for 2010 and will be rocking Asheville along with over 60 of their contemporaries.

Ticket Sales began on Saturday June 4, 2011.  Cost:  $149.50 No word yet on the availability of “one day” passes as word of this fest spreads, it becomes more dicey.  It’s proximity to Halloween should make for a scary, good time.  Last year, at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast, one of our guest returned to the inn with rather startling reports on the entirety of downtown Asheville being overtaken by people in costumes with teeth, blood and graying faces.  I think she might have watched one too many episodes of The Walking Dead….Moogfest 2011- BE THERE OR BEWARE!
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