Asheville Is Experiencing Early Dog Days of Summer

For all those looking for warmth…Awaiting a glorious vacation in the sun…Look no further because Asheville Is Experiencing Early Dog Days of Summer.  It has been 12 years this month since my husband and I moved to Asheville and purchased our Asheville North Carolina Bed and Breakfast.  This is absolutely one of the warmest Springs we have ever experienced here.  Some long timers here will tell you that Western North Carolina does not get hot.  Not true.  We have had some 90 plus days during even our relatively short tenure but most often that occurs in summertime which does not even officially begin for nearly three weeks.

Today saw 92 degrees in our beloved city. Gary and I are currently serve the breakfast and immediately head for the garden to begin what needs accomplishing on any given day before it gets any later and hotter.  We are postponing the breakfast clean up for later in the day so that we can get trimming, weeding, deadheading, watering etc. accomplished before it becomes totally stifling out there.

Why, just the other day I thought I heard the snails, so happily enjoying ingesting my new seedlings, frying in the sun.  I think they are turning themselves into fried snails.  I almost felt sorry for them but in that I believe in karma….and as those little buggers continue their destructive path through my beautiful garden leaving some of my flowers looking much like Sherman’s infamous May march through Atlanta… my sympathies are a bit lacking.  I am thinking of sending some kind of message to their leader in an attempt to offer a hostage plant in return for the safety of the others.  Possibly I have been outside weeding too long.     

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