Asheville Celebrates Moog Music

Having lived in Asheville, NC for nearly 12 years following the purchase of our Asheville Bed and Breakfast,  we have a deep awareness of the heart of music existent in our adopted home.  On nearly any evening, sweet melodies of every kind of music can be heard emanating from clubs and street minstrels alike as Asheville celebrates Moog Music. Completing the move to their new near downtown location, will complete the transition that crowns  downtown Asheville more than ever, music central! Moog Music will  design and sell synthesizers, guitars and other electronic musical interests.

Robert Moog, the original driving force behind Moog Music, founded his company in N.Y. state in 1953 first opening as R.A. Moog. Later, in collaborative efforts with Herbert Deutsch, a musical child prodigy recognized for his extraordinary musical talents at a very early age, they began research and development on a new kind of instrument to aid composers in their work. The upshot of this blending of talents resulted in production of some of the most popular synthesizers of all time.

Robert Moog died in 2005 but the current company president,Mike Adams, who grew up in Asheville, pushed their new downtown location helping Asheville to cultivate an already well established reputation of being a music town.  Asheville welcomes Moog Music and looks forward to all of the unique guitar designs, the Moog sound lab and the cutting edge synthesizers sure to have their cutting edge beginnings there.

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