Downtown Asheville Jewels close to Asheville Bed and Breakfast

Most of the guests we host at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast arrive at our inn in privately owned vehicles.  This weekend presented as a perfect opportunity to showcase our downtown Asheville jewels close to Asheville Bed and Breakfast. Another way of saying those locations easily accessed without benefit of a car.

While there is not only a red trolley in Asheville offering our guests touring opportunities all throughout the downtown area and outlying areas offering on/off options… our guest wanted to tour the city on foot.  Our challenge was to select fun, eclectic shopping & dining opportunities for this guest without benefit of transportation.  Here is what we came up with.

Pack Place:  There is something for everyone.  Health Adventure, Colburn Earth Science Museum, Asheville Art Museum and Diana Wortham Theatre.

Lunch:  Anything that could whet your appetite will likely be found in our downtown- home to some of the most creative chefs in the country.  I am not much into chain restaurants when I travel thinking that if you need a fix at one of them…Well, you can do that at home.  That said, I encourage our guests to explore our distinctive, local dining options. Following this advice, she landed at Posana Cafe, a favorite of ours and seeking to enjoy an early lunch salad, reported a fantastic lunch experience.

Next up, more exploration of downtown shopping.  Lexington Avenue can find exploration of anything from european antiques to irreverant  political bumper stickers and new age books on the side.  Haywood Road has two of my local favorites…one for the mind and one for the sheer beauty.  Malaprops Book Store, established in 1982 stands as the regions largest, locally owned, independent book store. This is a must see if you are reader, gift buyer or  love great coffee coupled with a fine local pastry.  If not restrained, I could easily pass 3 indulgent hours in this fine store.
Now, sated with books, right up the block one can either pursue active enjoyment (buying) or passive enjoyment(viewing) of some of the most sparkly, beautifully crafted and unique jewelry ever at Jewel’s That Dance.  I would like them to dance right into my life….and my guest shared this passion and bought a bauble or two.

Moving on; the galleries.  Asheville has both a vibrant and profuse art community and frankly it would take days and days to do it any justice at all.  Our guest visited American Folk, Appalachian Craft, Blue Spiral, Ariel and The Bender Gallery and found many take home gifts at Woolworth Walk.

Long about now, she was thinking it was long past time to start back to the inn.  Initially, the plan was to walk back to our inn but having purchased more than she cared to haul back on foot she called a taxi.  Now taxi procurement in Asheville is generally not a completely prompt experience but my guest had a plan…She called them to pick her up at Marble Slab Creamery , downtown gourmet ice cream with the vision being if they were a bit late…Well, let’s just say she would be well occupied.


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