Asheville Skies are Full of Hot Air…Balloons that is!

Spring is peeking out and the Asheville Skies are Full of Hot Air…Balloons that is!  We have been hosting guests at our inn for very close to 12 years now.  In all that time guests have expressed their pleasure at many of the experiences they have enjoyed during their stay  in Asheville. None is ever related with the breathtaking enthusiasm, sheer joy or overt exhilaration they convey in their sharing with other guests the thrill of their hot air ballooning adventures.  Why sometimes this very enthusiasm is almost enough for me to call up those hot air balloon folks myself and take my own flight.
Well, ok, maybe not…. but I am sold on the experience for others. That has been an enormous leap for me of the “feet firmly planted on the ground” variety.

Western North Carolina is noted for the exquisite beauty of their mountains and the views of Mt. Pisgah, Cold Mountain and Mt. Mitchell are all there for the flying;  Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains too. Flights routes differ but generally last about one hour and the natural beauty is reported to be so all encompassing, passengers report that time passes quickly.

Flights can be scheduled to be private or in tandem with a group as you desire.  Romance packages inclusive of champagne could create a proposal location that cannot be surpassed and one that will be remembered as long as time.

Most of our guests considering this endeavor ask about safety.  To that I would answer that there is little, if anything, in life that is completely without risk.
I would also add as an addendum that the two companies doing most of the flights in the Asheville area are long experienced in this field.  Their pilots are FFA certified and the training of their ground crew is both extensive, hands on and regularly scheduled. Both companies relate long histories of incident free flying.  Just the kind you’d like to experience so that any possible anxieties can be quelled and you can enjoy in complete abandon spectacular sights you will keep in “happy memory storage” for a very long time.

Asheville Hot Air Balloons           828-667-9943

Patti and Gary Wiles

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