A Better Way to stay in Asheville or Any Place Else

I always appreciate business situations in which each business is able to lay their offerings on the table clearly, be understood totally, fairly judged and equitably chosen or rejected.  It then becomes up to the customer to chose what will render their best result …in the case of the lodging business; A Better Way to Stay in Asheville or any place else.  Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t happen and both parties lose out due to a lack of understanding.

A recent posting on Craig’s List here in Asheville prompted me to discuss this issue with the current president of our state bed and breakfast organization, NCBBI.  Some of the latter, very humorous content of this blog is a gift from Bob.  Basically the ad encouraged you to make contact with an individual who can assist you in “avoiding the high price of a bed and breakfast” by offering you one of their rooms.

I think this statement is patently wrong.  It is wrong on so many levels; so many in fact that I will address them individually.

1.  Who ran the ad on Craig’s list?  You have no reputation, no history on this individual. They have not been vetted in any manner by a business community or others as their activity in selling these rooms is not legal.
2.  Likely this location has not had to stand up to any of the inspections every licensed bed and breakfast stands up to:  fire, building, health department.  It also likely has no insurance whatsoever to protect anyone in case of injury, fire or accident.  It is not registered as lodging and pays no taxes at all.  Occupants of these offerings are subject to potential danger.
3.  A vacation for most of us is many things:  Not an every day occurrence, looked forward to with the eagerness of childhood faith and time away we really need to gain our footing, find our center and return from blessedly energized, rested & thoroughly sated with a good feeling. Bed and breakfasts all around the country and the world are part of this endeavor every day doing all in their power to bring this hoped for experience to their guests.

Generally these things are not accomplished by the following (many of them from our funny and right on Bob!)

1.  Your dreamed about location for your much needed R&R is likely not on an interstate highway where no one really actually lives.
2.  You finally get to your destination, walking in with eager anticipation as disappointment floods over you when in viewing your room your first thought is…Oh Gosh, not this again. Haven’t I seen seen some variation of all of this before?  
3.  Breakfast does not bring about a “top of the mornin’ feeling” when you find the “taste that never changes, heat-me/eat-me”  buffet or a cold bowl of cereal as a creative second option.
4.  A warm and cozy feeling generating a spring in your step just thinking about it is likely not engendered when you would never be heard describing your lodging as local, crafty, historic, delicious, outdoorsy, personal, a memorable experience, like staying with friends, educational, breathtaking or many of the other kind, and dearly cherished thoughts departing guests tell every innkeeper across our country and the world at the end of their stay in our homes.  

So, think about it.  You work hard.  Too hard.  Don’t you deserve a vacation that is special and someone personally as dedicated as you are to helping it become everything it can be?  We think so, we’re innkeepers! 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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