Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn launches Explore Biltmore-Part VII

 It is our hope that this Biltmore series has offered help in determining which of these tours would most fit your interests as you explore Biltmore Estate.  For the time being, this will be the last blog your Inn launches Explore Biltmore-Part VII.

Many of our guests through the years have taken advantage of most of these tours.  We have heard reviews of them- each and every one.  Some laudable and some less so but nearly without exception there appears to be widespread appreciation of the Rooftop Tour both among our own guests and also in general popularity at the Estate.

This tour begins with ascending the most lovely cantilevered staircase in the round at Biltmore.  From there, you are led past the ropes prohibiting entrance to the normal mansion tourers down a long hallway off which “rooms not on the regular tour” are offered for viewing.  A favorite point of interest seems to be the upper balcony of Vanderbilt’s 4th floor observatory offering phenomenal views of the expanse of property that defines Biltmore Estate.

Another treat….anyone touring the Estate has noted the gargoyles providing local and tourist alike with wonderful photo ops but no view from the ground can offer the likes of which you are able to appreciate when standing right next to these winged wonders.  One young woman was relating her experience with photographing the gargoyles and rest of the fine and very intricate carvings adorning the upper aspects of the building and she recounted the following, “those gargoyles were so amazing and lifelike, particularly about the eyes,  that they almost gave you pause about getting closer to photograph them…but I risked it.”

So, if you don’t mind heights, enjoy being far from the maddening crowds with the wind blowing wild about the rooftops offering up an unobstructed, vast, majestic view of the Estate( not available to regular ticket holders) and are not afraid of winged, sharp toothed creatures housing eyes that look a bit too real for comfort….Go on…Book the Rooftop Tour. Soar with the gargoyles, we dare you!

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