Asheville Bed and Breakfast, The beauty of stained glass

In the years before we purchased our Asheville Bed and Breakfast, The beauty of stained glass was something we sought to create ourselves.  We had a thriving, all consuming hobby and sometimes actually took commissions from friends who enjoyed our work.  I favored the construction of smaller pieces and Gary took on the big enchiladas (20″ X 24″ -would have been its completed size; not framed).  Note the usage of the words, would have been.  We purchased our inn in 1999 and it morphed into such a production that the term:  hobby is not a known experience for us any longer.

That said, we know from our experience in this craft that there are many admirers of the art, color, form, texture and sheer beauty of stained glass work.  This summer in Antler Hill Village at Biltmore Estate they are offering an exhibition of 45 stained glass lamps created by the giant in this medium, Louis Comfort Tiffany. His translation of such beauty into the functionality of lamps was inspired by his belief that art and usefulness could coexist.  When viewing these lamps I am sure you will concur. 

The exhibition will be available for viewing from July 1 through October 23, 2011 and will cover nearly every aspect of how the lamps were made from tools to materials. 

Very much in the Biltmore tradition of Flower Carpet where some element of design present within the house is the inspiration made real in the Flower carpet of any year…Elements of the design found in these 45 Tiffany lamps on exhibition will also be the muse for special landscaping to capture those designs all about the flower beds, walled garden and even house flowers on display at Biltmore. You will have quite the game analyzing the lamps and then seeking to locate the spot of their translation about the property. 

We have a game like that in our Lion’s Den room in which we have guests staying in that room count the lions they find.  Interestingly, many do not find them all but they all have a great time trying. 

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