Weddings and Asheville

Asheville comes complete with exquisite scenery only the mountains of Western North Carolina can provide.  It truly is God’s country. For this and many other reasons, weddings and Asheville simply go together like Fred and Ginger.  Ok, for those of you “youth challenged” Fred and Ginger were dance partners.  I digress.

We have been hosting weddings at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast for the duration of our tenure here which is very soon to be 12 years.  That I really cannot believe.  That said, the type of weddings we most love to do and specialize in are elopement weddings. We love this venue because the focus is really on the couple and the enormity of choosing to blend your life with another.  Our property and home is suitable for larger numbers and we actually will accommodate up to 50 but there remains, all these years later, a special place in our hearts for the intimate act of two souls, just as themselves, choosing to commit their lives to each other in the absence of the pageantry, often drama and hoopla of larger weddings.  It has been our mission to provide all the very special elements of the larger ceremonies in our Wedding package.  Sometimes, it seems that when the wedding is reduced to only two some of the traditional, always looked forward to items that are special about weddings and often anticipated for a lifetime are lost by the wayside.
Not here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast.

Our wedding package seeks to preserve those “dreamed about” things and our guests proclaim that it has.
Our package includes:  A minister who makes a special effort to contact our couple and make sure that the wedding ceremony reflects the components most able to personalize their relationship and feelings.  Our photographer has a special photo ” small shoot ” that captures all the magic of this very special moment in their lives. A custom bridal bouquet and boutonniere are also included.
We provide a Mini reception in our Sunroom where the light is particularly favorable creating a perfect intimate backdrop for the most lovely shots.
The sunroom is formally set with lovely china, crystal, tophat for bubbly, beautiful cake service and the surroundings provided for this petite ceremony for two rival any seen in much larger affairs.

In short, the focus is on the couple, the sanctity of the choice to be together for a lifetime and we try to put this together with all the care, consideration and attention to detail that our couples have come to cherish. 

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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