Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn launches Explore Biltmore-Part II

Second in the series of Asheville bed and breakfast inn launches Explores Biltmore-Part II examines a previously loved tour “Behind the Scenes” now re-innovated to become the Butler’s Tour.

This tour begins in the area of Biltmore Estate located above the famed banquet hall which was on the very popular “behind the scenes” tour but piques interest further as it also adds new components. One of those is the opening of Emily King’s room which she occupied at Biltmore upon her arrival in 1897 and some 20 years forward.

In every large and successful organization lives a steady hand at the stern and so too it was in the mansion.
A woman, aptly named, Emily King, functioned in the capacity of head housekeeper of Biltmore Estate. The best-known of these head housekeepers, a legend in her own time, was Emily King. Arriving from England in 1897 for her new position in Western North Carolina, a widow she likely had no idea that she would remain in that position for at least 20 years. Less that later she would still be referred to by former servants in their interviews to complete oral histories as “The Matron.”
An 1898 Biltmore house ledger discovered during research showed King was paid $300 a month, double the chief butler’s $150 salary.

Biltmore’s subbasement revealing the very “bones” of this house will be accessed as well during this one hour tour. $17 plus the Biltmore ticket will afford the tour taker information that could not be gleaned by a house walk through with a revealing glimpse of staff/owner relations as well as the very beginning substructure of the largest, privately owned home in the country.

I can tell you from fielding guest questions At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn that often guests reveal in obtaining information about previous occupants of the house through the years, purposes the house fulfilled from its initial construction through current times, construction differences observable from 1902 when our house was built and now. It’s an eagle view providing a never before seen journey from what was to what is and fascination is not an overstatement.

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