Waiting for Superman

Every once in a while an innkeeper has time to take in an afternoon movie and I have been anxiously waiting for my afternoon to see Waiting for Superman. After organizing the day for our guests here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn, getting their directions printed and sending them on their way to explore Asheville….. off we went.

Waiting for Superman was an intriquing title for me. My family used to say similar things like, “waiting for the calvary.” This was a phrase turned when the person involved felt they had rendered their best efforts on a mission or task and despite their best efforts they felt the need for reinforcements or back up. My Nana, always the stalwart, would chime in nearly every time that sentence was uttered with her own stock answer, “Get with it, you are your own calvary.” In Waiting for Superman, director, Davis Guggenheim, examines the complete and utter failure that is being served up as education for our country’s youth. This documentary is stark and examines in a thought provoking, no nonsense manner that defies you to look away from the screen.

It explains, in real costs, the failure of our educational system and how that feeds in to additional costs in exportation of jobs directly affecting our unemployment figures, America’s standing as a world power and finally- the costs incurred by the incarceration of our failures.
It explores the cause and effect of this systemic educational failure to our children and the reasons behind these failures; some of which I am sure will shock you.

Come to find out, success in education is much more attainable, predictable and measureable than one would imagine as well as being much less expensive than its failure. Go to www.waitingforsuperman.com to find out more about a subject affecting us all.

The next time you have a few hours off, drop in at your local theater and watch Waiting for Superman. I hope somewhere out there in the vast wilderness there really is a calvary my Nana didn’t know. It would seem at this point, if there really isn’t one we are destined to continue to see our educational system beat out by many of the nations of the world and America’s finest days may well be behind her.

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