Christmas Candlelight at Biltmore Estate only 3 miles

One of the most wonderful holiday excursions we plan every year at Christmastime is our sojourn to Christmas Candlelight at Biltmore Estate.
Though Biltmore House is a year round attraction for all the guests at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast there is an undeniable magic found on the Estate during the Christmas holidays. To add to our guests enjoyment, it’s only a three mile drive to arrive at the Estate.

Imagine this “so gorgeous it hurts your eyes” to look at French Chateau dressed in candlelight and adorned with all the Christmas decorations you can possibly imagine all done by someone else. Hey, I don’t care how much you like Christmas and the holidays….. any woman who does more than hang a strand of lights and tells me she isn’t both blissfully excited with the result and overwhelmingly tired is being less than truthful. Decorating beautifully is a labor, a labor of love I’ll grant you, but nonetheless, a labor.

Christmas at Biltmore however has more to offer than just a pretty face.
When we first came to Asheville I am embarrassed to say that with all we had going on as new business owners we did not see Biltmore Estate for 2 years. An innkeeper friend across the street abducted us one night saying we simply had to see it. She was right.

I had left my home of 25 years to live in Asheville and still felt a bit sad to be absent from my friends of a lifetime at the holidays. I wasn’t really feeling very festive. The evening at Biltmore changed that. In the conservatory, when the house is first entered, was a kindergarten class singing Christmas classics. In the front row was a little fella doing his own particular rendition of “Silent Night.” There he was, looking angelic, well scrubbed, perfectly neat and spiffy singing to the top of his little voice…”Siiilent Nines, Holy Nines. Now, while I am sure that his teacher and his parents were less than euphoric regarding his alteration of lyrics, his complete sincerity was very engaging and just plain funny. I was feeling a bit lonely and then coupled with his song and the lovely surroundings of Biltmore it all vanished. I got into the meaning of the season.

Now, lest you think that is all there was in musicality, the music runs like a river all though the Biltmore house. That year, there was also a dulcimer player, several very professional musicians on strings with notes sounding like the very gates of heaven were soon to open and a young woman playing a harp.

The moral of this story is: If you are having a bit of a time capturing your Christmas Mojo… I highly recommend Christmas Candlelight at Biltmore Estate.

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