Lake Eden Art Festival-Asheville Favorite

Lake Eden Art Festival-an Asheville favorite for more than a decade.
The location of this festival is magical and really invites all attendees to connect in a physical way with the out of doors.
The term festival can mean many things to different people. Some are looking for art, some food, some nature in the raw, some music and some looking for traditional mountain crafts. For all the aformentioned you will not be disappointed in the Lake Eden Art Festival.

Orginal hand crafted items, fun gifts and treasures, many of which some of the guests at our inn have been delighted with and taken home as travel gifts can be found.

So you wanna dance? No problem: salsa, swing, hip hop and plain ole fiddle dancing music where you free style and make up your own jive.

So you cleave to the more traditional mountain lore orations. Poetry readings can be both heard as well as shared at Pisgah open mike right at the Festival.

So, round up your family, tell all your friends and make friends you haven’t even met yet all at the Lake Eden Art Festival. Tickets are hard to come by and sell out early, so don’t delay. There’s a fiddle with your name on it, a poem for your soul, a new dance step and a Christmas present that can’t be found anywhere else. Consider the possibilities.

Patti and Gary Wiles

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