Get out the Vote

I am a lifelong….. Clearly, I do have a dog in this race but save that,whatever your political affiliation, I still want you to Get out the Vote!
The concrete reasons are obvious. We are in critical times in our country. The congress, senate and numerous gubenatorial races are “up for grabs” and wouldn’t it be nice if whatever party actually prevails, they truly prevailed? In other works, each group became educated on their preferred candidates and then put in the energy- despite all the reasons that sometimes things we deem more important get in our way- and actually got to the polls and VOTED! Then, each group could know they gave their best and as democracy operates, whether that is what you thought best or what someone else did,you support the elected individual.

No coups, no anarchy, some disappointment but in the end we all work together for the good of Americans and the United States of America. The right to vote is such an honor. Regular folks, regardless of all the things that both divide us and unify us, are given the blessing of saying their peace without fear of reprisal. Men and Women have fought, died and many have also suffered life altering injury to ensure that we have this right. It is a privilege, an honor and a responsibility. Failure to exercise it debases all that has been sacrificed by those who paid the ultimate price, both the dead and those that will continue living, altered forever by their service for your priviledge to make your choice free from fear.

Each and every person, at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast, is given company time to get to the polls and vote. It’s just that important.

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