Asheville Bears

We purchased At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn over 11 years ago and from the moment we came to this state we have been enchanted with the trees, flowers and in general the very natural habitat that is the hallmark of North Carolina. They don’t call it God’s country for nothing. The complete beauty of the surrounds, though we live here and can enjoy it every day, sometimes takes our breath away. Another vision can take your breath away too and it is becoming more frequent than I have noted in previous years… Bears!

These majestic and powerful creatures are on the move and on the rise in Western North Carolina.
On June 7, 2010 a bear killed a dog in East Asheville. The week of July 3, 2010 noted not one but two goats fall prey to prowling bears.
On May 26th, a bear about town in all senses of that word actually took a much written and photographed stroll through downtown likely looking to enjoy some of the wonderful cuisine our downtown is noted for.
Lastly and certainly sadly early in the month of June a bear was actually euthanized after biting a tourist. The tourist had pursued this animal in a photo taking session in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as though this bear was a willing subject and not a wild creature trying to quietly exist in his own environment. Bears are not play things, they are not domesticated. They are large, powerful animals that occasionally will be found in areas they are not expected in. This does not give one license to develop amnesia regarding their status. Whether they are downtown, in your garbage can or most certainly in their own natural environment, they must be viewed as wild. Do Not Feed, Antagonize, torment, pursue with photographic equiptment or attempt in any way to socialize these wild, large and beautiful animals as domestic pets. It will be to their peril and possibly to your own.
I mean,the authorities executed the bear for biting the tourist but I think it is clear who violated the rules of good conduct and cost the bear a loss of his life. Please restrain your natural curiosity of a site that is not usually available for your viewing. To do less is to jeopardize an animal just trying to live.

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