Home Repair – When it rains; it pours!

Those of you owning homes know that disasters run in herds like elephants. Homes are seductive places providing their occupants with an area of calm, peace, fun, great food and provide all of us a sea of calm in the hurricane that can sometimes be life. That is, unless things get dicey.
For about 10 days now we have had “issues” here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn. Beginning late last week during the honeymoon of a very lovely couple the t.v. in our Natural Mystic Room took a powder. Ok, off to the t.v. replacing store for a new flatscreen. They were delighted…We were off on another expedition of, “Can you figure out your audio-visual devices better than a fifth grader?” The cost of replacement is enough of a downer without adding the installation process as well.
Despite our trepidation, the installation proceeded flawlessly in the hands of my intrepid husband, the couple was estatic and we were relieved.
Fastforward 2 days.

Right at the front door of our  inn sits a delightful Pineapple fountain. It has been in service for more than 13 years despite being knocked over by local teenagers, allowing it to freeze (hey, we didn’t know that was a boo-boo.) We are from Florida after all and it was not part of the in-service education from the previous owner. Well, at least we don’t think it was. That was almost 11 years ago and at that time we were being assaulted with so much information who can remember? At first, we believed we only had a pump issue so off to the Home Depot we go to buy the pump. Unfortunately, during the installation of the pump which requires lifting up the actual pineapple part of the fountain…well lets say… the base of the pineapple is not in it’s hey day.

So, once again intrepid husband seeks to repair it with a fiberglass patch. Progressing nicely don’t you know. Ok, pump is on, pineapple top firmly back in place and just like that a patch that had been placed in the side of the bowl just falls out. Yup, falls right out. Now, more fiberglass must be used and hydraulic cement. That hydraulic cement stuff is the “big guns” for sure but of course that bowl holds the water flowing out of the top of the pineapple. Holds the water is the key phrase here folks.
Finally, miraculously in lieu of it’s advanced age, at the end of the successful project my man is dancing around like he’s in heaven that this repair is complete and now we can move on. Not so fast.

The day is rounding up and I decide to begin the setting of the table in our Sunroom here at the inn. I gather the tablecloth and sashay in there. Dead ahead on the table in the Sunroom is not one but two puddles of water on the top of our lovely glass top table. Looks like we’re not yet through around here and I sure wish I didn’t have to be the one to break the news as Gary is still nursing the knee he dropped the Pineapple on during it’s replacement into the fountain. It goes without saying that the roof over the Sunroom is likely not going to be a hoped for project.

Right after breakfast Gary leads the charge to the roof top and blessedly, yes blessedly, it is only a flashing issue. He loosens one row of the flashing and inserts the new,shiny, handy, dandy flashing and Voila and thank God, no more leaking. At least, that’s the game plan. So, I am sure there is another reason why I am walking so slowly into the Sunroom.

Well, I’d finish this Blog except that while I was deadheading the pansies in the bed right next to the pond today I began to think that in lieu of the fact that we have had virtually no rain it seems a bit boggy there. Please, for God’s Sake someone tell me it’s not the pond.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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