Asheville’s Historic Buildings-Part Two

The next installment on historic buildings in Asheville comes under the Love it or Hate It category. Most of our city residents, would likely fall in the later category. With its completion in 1965, the 220 feet tall BB&T Building is the highest building structure in Western North Carolina. It may hold that distinction for much time to come as scads of builders and architects have approached Asheville with other skyscrapers and consistently have been turned down by the residents of Asheville.

It serves a vital purpose for our Asheville Bed and Breakfast in that its height makes it a perfect place from which to issue directions to our guests. Even among the “directionally challenged sect” I have never had a guest say they could not find the BB&T building. At 18 stories of concrete and glass, one would not consider the term inconspicuous as a description.

Designed by architects Whittington and Associates this sky reacher was initially built for Northwestern Bank. Currently, it houses lawyers, financial assets and other business offices. I have always thought that an upscale restaurant could be the ticket for this icon of our vibrant downtown. Offering some of the most exquisite views in the city, being convenient to the entire scope of downtown and known as the most visible signature of Asheville’s business district does this often maligned structure proud.

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