Asheville’s Best White Water Rafting-River Five

Ah, the mighty Nolichucky! Located only 45 minutes from Asheville, the Nolichucky is a challenging river but offers in return the most incredible backdrop of scenery. The changing water levels of this free flowing river create for rafters a different trip nearly every time. Different locations of this fine river should provide an excellent experience for every member of your party. The young children will enjoy the lower Noli while the Nolichucky River Gorge will provide the razor sharp adventure the more experienced rafters in your group may desire. Why inside the “Quarter Mile Rapid” the participant will be treated to both Class 3 and Class 4 rapids within the span of only 1/4 mile. This river is rated as one of the “top rafting adventures on the entire east coast.”

This river begins on the slopes of our beloved Mt. Mitchell about 45 minutes North on the Blue Ridge Parkway offering its climbers the highest vantage point on the entire east coast. Moving forward it moves through North Carolina and Tennessee offering up a riotous gorge with cliffs towering straight up and tucked amid all this the rhododendrons in the months of June and July make it a magical kingdom just waiting for discovery. Though this trip is offered both as half day and full day, it’s hard to get the feel of your new kingdom in only half a day. Splurge.

I already mentioned that I rafted the Nantahala River for my 50th birthday. My birthday is coming up again soon. For my 58th birthday I am investigating this river and one more river. So, as soon as I finish feeding my guests on what I hope will be a bright,shiny and warm day full of promise, we will leave and head for the white water. Wish me luck. I mean, how often can a girl get a whole kingdom for her birthday?

Patti and Gary Wiles

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