Asheville’s Best White Water Rafting-River One

Asheville’s Best White Water Rafting – River One

Spring is finding the mountains and as surely as night follows day sweet summertime is soon upon us. Contrary to popular belief, Asheville does get warm in the summer. Sometimes, as warm as can be. Gary and I were not prepared for that when we first purchased At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn here in Asheville. Nothing could possibly feel better and more exhilarating than a few moments spent on a local river. This blog is but one of a series to be written on White Water Rafting so at the end of this creative endeavor you will have all the data you need to select just the right river to “float your boat.”

The French Broad River is the closest river to Asheville so if time is a big factor in your choice, you might consider it. 22 miles of this body of water flows right through the city of Asheville. It also enters Tennessee, the Mississippi River and lastly, the Gulf of Mexico.

Facts you might like to know:

The French Broad River because of the direction the river flows, notably north. Only two rivers in the entire United States flow in that direction. It was initially flowing toward land owned by the French. It also is a very wide river. Hence, the name French Broad with its main stem in Rosman, N.C. It flows right through the Pisgah National Forest.

Today we are discussing it’s virtues as a source of White water Rafting but it also is home to small mouth bass and also catfish both of which could contribute to a fun day of getting one’s line wet.
It is an old river, is free flowing and known for its beautiful scenery.
Most companies provide both a whole day on this river as well as a half day excursion so it’s great if you want to engage in this activity but you are inexperienced or have limited time.

Now, some folks will tell you that the French Broad has no soul. They will try and tell you it’s a cheap thrill more suited for the elderly but they haven’t experienced Frank Bell’s Rapid or Needle Rock Falls. Every lady worth her salt keeps a few surprises up her sleeve.

Patti and Gary Wiles

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