Asheville Tail Gate Markets Sizzle

It hardly seems possible but in slightly (very slightly) over one month Asheville will welcome Spring with the re-opening of their Tail Gate Markets.

In Asheville there is much anticipation of this because these markets function as a social meeting place, an entertainment venue, dogs on parade, music playing, flower displaying mecca bringing local cheeses, meats, fish and produce all together while offering, quite simply, the opportunity to have a blast.

Everyone is nearly bursting at the seams to be outside after a winter that has seemed interminable, dark and dreary. Sunshine is craved and friends long not seen, as we all hunkered in our homes trying to wait out the snow, will be available for “catching up and hugs” and we will be treated to the best local produce grown in our area.

So, put on your tennies you couch potatoes and join the innkeepers of At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast
as we shake off the blues of winter and seek the solace and new beginnings of Spring. See you around the breakfast table with fresh strawberries or dipped in chocolate for sharing in one of our Jacuzzis.

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

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