Snow Joys in Asheville, NC

I might have mentioned that our Asheville Bed and Breakfast was expecting snow and snow we got!
Now, the snow is magnificently beautiful but quite honestly, sometimes a girl needs a laugh. Right now, I find myself in that position. I thought maybe someone else out there might need a laugh just as badly, so here are just some of the nearly hysterical things I have seen out there in our winter wonderland today.

1. A neighbors pet bird wearing some kind of frock while hitching a ride on that same neighbors dog.
2. A man, dressed in full ski attire, skiing in the road down Biltmore Avenue.
3. A woman crossing an icy street on one of our busier thoroughfares who appeared to be using her hot coffee to melt a small piece of ice she evidently thought she might slip on.
4. A woman using a hair dryer plugged into an extension cord from her home trying to de-ice her car door lock.
5. A woman, apparently having no snow shovel with which to remove the snow around her car, trying to use a red bucket for this same application.
6. Another woman without one of those handy, dandy apparatus’s designed to either brush the snow from your car or windows or the other end suitable for ice removal if needed…Well, she was very creative and was using a glass jar in place of this item. I am thinking that this glass on glass application is not going to bode well for wind shield visibility at the completion of her mission.

Stay tuned for more “you heard it here first” stories as the snow contines its beautiful arrival to our fair city.

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

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