Asheville Snow

Gary and I have owned At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn for 10 1/2 years now.
We thought, regarding the weather here in Asheville, we had experienced it all.
We were so wrong!
Beginning in earnest on Friday morning Asheville began the transformation into a winter wonderland. The magic of watching our beloved city become a magical place of trees coated in soft, lacy white continued through Friday and some of Saturday and when it finished— there was more than a foot (18 inches in some places) of powdery, wonderful snow & the real fun began.

I had no idea my neighbors were so creative. Why, I was outside enjoying the hushed quiet peace that snow falling creates when I looked up to find my neighbor cross country (well, ok, cross Asheville) skiing. We laughed and off he went. The children of our historic neighborhood provided the most laughter though as they pursued the zest of living in a snowy wonderland with the careless abandon that only children can bring.
Now, the residents of Asheville, as I mentioned earlier, are not at all used to this amount of snow fall all in in one fell swoop and this created an opportunity for “car and driving follies.” Folks without four wheel drive should likely have avoided the use of their vehicles but without fail they drove anyway. Do you remember back in your childhood those very fun instruments of destruction called bumper cars? Well, it was more or less a redo of that type of motion in front of our inn as the intrepid residents of our fair city sought to prove that they too can drive in winter like conditions.

I did notice something interesting though. Many of us were without power, many of us had car issues or required “digging out” help, some were slipping and falling but all of us seemed not only blissfully happy but unfailingly helpful of our fellow travelers. Folks without power were invited in to stay with folks that were still on the grid. When the cars ended up skidding or had to be dug out several neighborhood residents were on hand to help.
When a walk ended up in a less than graceful landing by our fellow citizens, well, we all helped them up and made sure they were ok.
In short, a wonderful time was had by all.
It is still only 19 in Asheville this a.m. and if it stays down the snow will remain. It is beautiful and if you think some of this “pixie dust” might be good for your soul, come and see us here at the inn We may even have a white Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All,

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

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