Poodle In Asheville- Part Two

When last heard from on this topic I was driving the puppy I had no intention of keeping to my home.  Dodging in and out of traffic I spoke to her calmly, firmly and in a forthright manner detailing the valid reasons that keeping her was completely out of the question.
Her eyes locked on me as though in some way trying to intuit if I was serious regarding her future.
I explained that currently I was working 3 jobs.  My hours totalled were rediculously long and there was no way possible I could undertake the training of a new puppy.  Aside from that issue I really had no desire to be responsible for another being at this point.  She listened attentively flexing her tiny ears and tilting her adorable head to their maximum cuteness angle. We exit the vehicle and freed from the constraint of her box, she runs willy nilly toward my front door totally bypassing the grassy area.

We arrive at her temporary residence and she is in my clean, tidy and reasonably hygienic home for five seconds before the “offensive deed” has come to pass.  There is tinkle on my floor.  I scold all pitiful ounces of her telling her that this behavior cannot be tolerated and she has clearly demonstrated the very behavior sited as the primary reason I cannot keep her.  She looks unconvinced but chastened.
In my head, I begin composition of just the right ad that in a few weeks will rid me of this unwanted, if adorable, additional responsibility in my life.

Hearing a car pull up in the driveway I shudder reviewing my practiced explaination of how I came to be in possession of this ball of fur even for the short time that will soon be voiced to my husband.  Generally, as a couple,  these kind of long term decisions are discussed between us and clearly this is a vast departure from that protocol.
I await what I know is going to be “the face of displeasure” as the back door closes.  Immediately as if in insight of the fact that after her infraction on my floor she is in need of an ally….
Fluffball, gathering up all of her might, makes haste to land at the feet of my husband.  He peers down into her adoring face….Now, what full blooded man can resist that kind of female adoration; even from the canine sect? “Well”, he says bending down to scoop her up, “what have we got here?”  To be clear, this being stated between the licks dedicated to his entire face.  The lecture I am waiting for never comes.  He is smitten.  Well, of course he is!  I will be the feeder, waterer, bather and taker-outer.  He will be…he who is licked on and worshipped.  Well, I’ll think about that tomorrow and I’ll get that ad composed tomorrow too.  She who hesitates is lost.

Patti and Gary Wiles

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