Asheville NC Around the World Eats Part 1

My beloved Asheville is rapidly becoming a culinary destination. You can practically go “round the world” in the foodie genre just with a trip to our vibrant downtown.

I will begin with one of my favorite haunts; Jerusalem Garden Cafe. This restaurant is economical, fabulous and has very fun entertainment to boot. I will begin my discussion with the food since typically this is why one enters a restaurant. Along with their excellent hummus, which quite honestly is some of the very best I’ve ever eaten, you couldn’t go wrong with Lamb Shawarma, Jordanian Chicken and the Falafel is superb
Now, on to the entertainment….They promise that if you eat their food you will look just like their Belly Dancers which appear nightly on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. Ok, maybe not…… but this in no way alters the phenomenal nature of the food.

Moving onto the far east and Heiwa Japanese Restaurant. Now, if you are looking for one of those “showmanship places with knives flying about” you need to continue looking. If, on the other hand you are looking for excellence, consistency and flavor abounding…Look no further. From the Spicy Garlic Tuna to some of the freshest Sushi you have ever encountered and a fine glass of ale to wash it all down; you won’t be disappointed.  No bells, whistles and flying food but a quiet, minimalist environment with quality that is apparent from the first bite to the last.
Mela Indian Restaurant is another foray into the world stage food Asheville affords its visitors. A vegetarian paradise, varied, fresh and well seasoned.
However, by all accounts, the Chicken Vindaloo is enough to encourage even vegetarians to take a bite.
Probably best appreciated though by the locals and all folks giving Indian food their first try is the Lunch buffet offering a myriad of choices, all excellent and a mere $9.00.   Be adventuresome. With this buffet anyone can find something they love.

Stay tuned for the next installment on Asheville Eateries.  Come hungry……

Patti and Gary Wiles

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